Jasper – The Boss & Founder of Catopia
Breed: Domestic
Age: 5 years old

Jasper was born a natural leader and since young he has always been leading the pack. He was found together with his other siblings with no sight of their mother when they were kittens (2-3 months old).

He was then rescued and boarded at a shelter. And we found and adopted him during an adoption drive at Henderson Park.
Jasper was the first cat that came into family followed by two other adopted cats (Fuma & Bruno) and he started his first home:

Catopia Staycation with his hoomans. Known as being extremely territorial, Jasper is known as the Alpha amongst most of the cats and any new cats has to be approved by him before being accepted into the pack. He treats Bruno and Fuma like his own siblings by protecting and taking good care of them. If he is happy or likes you, he will either rub against you continuously or roll on the ground and want your attention. However he is very selective on the hooman he likes..