Cats are almost similar to humans. Like us, cats have two tonsils in their throats; one is located on the left while the other is on the right side. In terms of speed, a domestic cat moves at 30 mph, whereas humans go at 28 mph. Can you imagine we are both (cats and humans) amongst the top speed of animals like a cheetah (75 mph), lion (50 mph), and the grizzly bear (35 mph)?

Cats are adorable and make adorable pets inside your home. Not only are they sweet animals, but they also help in getting rid of mice that may disturb you around the house, especially during night time when sleeping. I can attest to this. As much as I may not love them entirely,  I know they are of much help in the house, even if I am slightly afraid of them.

Just as humans, we are made in the image and likeness of God, so are cats. There are various types of cats, some with regular faces, others with ‘weird’ looks… you know. Let’s dive into a particular one – ‘weird face,’ a cat with a smushed face specifically.

How much do you know about brachycephalic cats?

Brachycephalic sounds very complicated for a layman person to understand. Worry not. Let me decipher its general meaning. It means having a shorter skull, thus translating to a pushed face and nose. This kind of distortion in the countenance creates a flat-faced or smushed face. In short, brachycephalic cats have a flat face. As much as they look this way, they still are cute. From their flabby tiny nose to their small circular eyes, you can’t help but love them.

However, these types of cats undergo many challenges compared to those with regular faces and skulls. Since most of the facial features look shortened, including their respiratory tracts, breathing becomes a difficulty. 

When there is little air passing through their noses, they tend to use their mouths for breathing. Of course, this is a big challenge since, in a usual scenario, they should be entirely depending on their noses. Even as human beings, when we pinch our noses for less than 30 seconds, we tend to open our mouths to gasp for air. If this small task makes us struggle for air, you can already empathize with these cats with such a condition. It must be hard for them. The more the shortness of the cat’s facial features, the higher the chances of breathing problems.

Other than that, tears from their eyes don’t adequately drain into the nose through the tear ducts. It results from the shortness of the tear ducts, which makes it a hindrance. The cat will seem to have watery eyes all through. It may lead to constant irritation of their eyes that comes with too much blinking and even rubbing them. As a human, this kind of feeling usually is so uncomfortable. For the cat, it may be twice or even more of the uneasiness you feel. 

These are not the only difficulties they undergo. There is so much more.

Things to learn about a Persian cat

Who doesn’t know of a Persian cat? I’m almost sure if I were to tally the number of people who don’t know, you’re so many. Many of us know it’s called a cat. The terrific thing is that there are many breeds, but today I’ll familiarize you with the Persian cat. 

A Persian cat does come in a variety of colors. The most common colors are white, black, silver, gold, and cream. It can be a tabby cat. By this, I don’t mean another breed. No. It is tabby if it has different coat colors or patterns. Its coat has this long fur, which is soothing to touch, and its head is circular with a short muzzle.

They usually call it an Iranian cat in Middle East countries, and Iran calls it a Shiraz cat. 

This kind of cat loves very much being around people. It is tranquil and clean, probably the main reason why many people love it. It is also easy taking care of such a cat. Averagely, it has a life span of 12 years.

A flat face cat price

A cat is not something some would consider in their budget list, especially for our traditional parents; that money they would instead buy something essential needed in the house.

A flat face cat price ranges from around 400 up to over 3000 dollars. Indeed, their price tag is no joke. These prices could pay some of your house rent, buy your essential items, it can do quite a lot. Before you buy this type of cat, you should be of sound mind. They need a lot of care due to some challenges they face here and there, so they are relatively expensive. 

The most popular cat bought is this Persian cat. It has silky fur. What does that mean? Duuh! It’s intended to be expensive, and it is one of the costliest breeds mostly bought. Its price is still the same ranging from 400$ – 600$ for a cheaper one. When you buy a kitten, it’s much expensive than an adult.


A cat with a smushed face falls under the brachycephalic type. This kind of cat has a short muzzle, and its facial features appear pushed together. It’s hurtful for people to call such cats ugly due to their appearance, and that’s how apparently, God created them. They are naturally flat-faced though there are a few breeds that appear more smushed.

The more the cat’s face appears smushed, the higher the health problems emerge. For instance, its narrowed nostrils make breathing a challenge. There isn’t sufficient air for it. Circumstances force it to use its mouth for breathing, which is quite hectic and uncomfortable. 

Not all brachycephalic breeds are affected by this since only some have their airway obstructed. The Persian is the most known of this kind of species. With its long silky coat and large eyes, who wouldn’t love it?