All You Need to Know About Why Do Cats Headbutt

Cats are most widely tamed in the house, and they are such loving pets. More and more people keep on buying them as their pets. Some of the activities they love doing include purring, licking, and headbutting.

So why does a cat purr? One reason is that it could be happy; another could be that’s it is in a stressful situation.

When a cat licks you, it may be a sign of affection. There are other things it could do to show you the same love. It could butt your head or what is called head bunting. If not that name, call it head bumping or head butting. It does show you how much it loves and adores you. 

You could interpret all this wrongly by seeing it too much and almost beat up your cat. No, relax. It’s just its way of telling you how happy it is with you. It’s just that it can’t communicate to you by word of mouth.

So precisely, why do cats headbutt and other behavior? Read on to find out the reason/s. 

Why do cats head bump?

Cat head bumping is when they rub their heads against you. A cat can rub its face towards you, the person it knows, but it can also do the same to a stranger. If it does so, it’s a sign it is approving the person. 

Also, when a cat butts your head, it leaves a scent on you, accepting you’re one of its own. With this, the cat is creating a bond between you two. You now start seeing the cat following you every place you go and chilling with you, even if it is your bedroom. 

Cats can also rub their faces against things such as walls or furniture. When they do this, they release their scent from their foreheads’ glands onto the walls or furniture. It is a way of marking part of their territory.

They also bunt towards other animals, for instance, their fellow cats. It is a way of telling them they want socialization and even bonding. In the wild, this is how they usually identify each other as allies.

It is also a way of seeking attention from you. It could be asking for food, but all the same, it’s a sign of showing love and trust towards you. It will only do this if it loves or trust you; otherwise, it wouldn’t bother headbutting you. 

Generally, cat headbutts show you how much they love you, and you shouldn’t be bothered by them unless you naturally hate cats. Besides, they are harmless, and their headbutts are so soothing and gentle. It’s their way of telling you how they consider you as family. I mean, it’s an honor to have a cat head bump you. Which other animals would do that to you? A snake? A rat? Maybe a puppy can. Or a lion or a tiger. But where would you even get those? Unless you have a tame lion or tiger and friendly for that matter. But these big cats do it to themselves there in the wild. After all, they are still cats.

Why do cats lick you?

A cat licking you is probably an awful feeling, for me at least. I do not own a cat, and the thought of a strange random cat licking me is beyond disgusting. I don’t think if I can stand it. How even does a cat’s tongue feel? It’s somewhat rough. I can also imagine all kinds of bacteria that live in it. I mean, do you see how cats lick their butts, prey and eat all types of small rodents and insects out there – God knows what. Just the thought of all these, I can’t let a cat lick me. Hell no!

So why do they lick you?

If a cat licks you, all it is doing is grooming you. You might be wondering whether the cat doesn’t know that you usually clean yourself. However, this is something a cat would do to itself or its fellow cat whom it cares about very much. So, doing this to you means it cares a lot for you, and you should take it as a compliment. It’s got real love and trust for you. It means your bonding is genuine. Otherwise, don’t be violent to it unless you have a heart like mine.

While a cat is licking another cat, it’s grooming it in possible areas it can’t reach itself while sharing their scents and being familiar to each other – creating their bonding.

Though there is a point, a cat can lick you repeatedly until it gets bald spots. It should raise a lot of concern for you. It could be a symptom of an allergy to some food, a health disease, or it’s undergoing stress. Such a case should immediately seek veterinary care. 

Why do cats purr?

A cat’s purr isn’t always lovely, especially when you’re taking an afternoon nap or you’re very sound asleep at night.

Purring usually indicates contentment. It means the cat is happy after maybe petting it. Nevertheless, a deep purr can also suggest pain. If you recognize your cat so well, you will be able to tell the difference in its demeanor. If you’re not certain, be sure to contact your vet to rule out any pain.

In conclusion

Why do cats headbutt? Cats headbutt their fellow cats, furniture or walls, and their favorite people. It is technically called bunting. They do this to create bonding with you and other cats. They usually leave scents on you and the furniture as a sign of marking their territory. They only do this to people they love and trust. When a cat leaves you with its scent, it makes it feel safe and comfortable with you.

Why do cats lick you? To groom you but not necessarily meaning that you are dirty. They usually lick each other as cats in areas possibly one can’t reach by themselves. So, when they do this, they imagine you are a cat also. And for them to do it, they must have been very comfortable with you. Licking and headbutting by a cat is a sign of showing affection for humans.

When they purr, it could only mean they are happy unless it’s a weird purr requiring a visit to a vet.