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The Most Pawsome Cat Café in Singapore
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About Us

Catopia Café was set up with the purpose to bring people closer to cats in a safe social environment through interaction and education. We want to create a space for people with a common interest to meet and spend time with the cats while enjoying their coffee and snacks. We believe that this will create many therapeutic benefits and eventually improving the quality of life of both cats and humans. Seeing a HAPPY SMILE on their faces with healthy & friendly cats is our greatest joy and satisfaction!

What is unique about Catopia Café?

Enjoy the company with our team of warm and friendly CATOPIA CATS.
Be received by our Friendly Cat Officers who serve with a HEART for our guests and cats.
A warm & cozy place to relax and unwind from the hustle & bustle of our daily lives.
Get the opportunity to interact with cats and learn more about their characteristics and how to care for them.

 Meet the Cats


The Boss & Founder of Catopia


The Boss & Founder of Catopia

Breed: Domestic
Age: 5 years old

Jasper was born a natural leader and since young he has always been leading the pack. He was found together with his other siblings with no sight of their mother when they were kittens (2-3 months old).

He was then rescued and boarded at a shelter. And eventually we found and adopted him during an adoption drive at Henderson Park. Jasper was the first cat that came into Catopia followed by two other adopted cats (Fuma & Bruno) and he started his first home: Catopia Staycation with his hoomans.

Known for his territorial nature, Jasper is the Alpha amongst most of the cats and any new cats has to be approved by him before being accepted into the pack. He treats Bruno and Fuma like his own siblings since they were kittens. If he is happy or likes you, he will either rub against you continuously or flip onto the ground and want your attention. However he is very selective on the hooman he likes.


The Black Knight


The Black Knight

Breed: Domestic
Age: 5 years old

Fuma was the second cat adopted by us at the age 3.5 mths old.
Fuma was named after the famous Ninja - Fuma Kotaro, obviously for the reason that his fur was shiny black.

Fuma is the neutralizer of the pack, he will do his rounds to groom all the rest of the pack just like how they will groom him.

He can get real passionate with humans and sometimes a lap cat as well (if you are lucky). If he likes you, he will stroke against your leg and follow you wherever you go.


The Dreamer


The Dreamer

Breed: Unknown
Age: 7 years old

He is the biggest cat in the house with a very special look but his breed is still unknown to us. He is one cat that you can hardly hear him.

Bruno can stare into spaces and see the galaxy from earth without any special binoculars. But otherwise he is a gentle giant, peaceful and he loves everyone.

Many wondered why such a sweet, nice looking cat like him was even abandoned and found wondering in the streets. Together with his buddies Jasper and Fuma, they were the pioneers to start the Catopia Legacy.


The Prince Charming


The Prince Charming

Breed: Mainecoon
Age: 5 years old

Born to a family of champions, some thought he is a Ragdoll but he is actually a Mainecoon. Born to bear the wonderful qualities of his father, named Hollywood, he has an angelic face and his meows will win your heart at first sight.

Apollo is a darling, and he will come sit with you if you are lucky. He also loves treats and he will beg you for it with his signature paw gesture.


Mr Congeniality


Mr Congeniality

Breed: Domestic
Age: 5 years old

Momo is a rescued cat and he was already 2 years old when he came in.
He is big in size, very strong and he can climb and jump high. Momo likes to make new hooman friends and he loves talking to people.

He is known to be Catopia PR Manager as he loves going around greeting and building relationships with all hoomans. Momo likes being stroked and he will be thankful if you love him.


The Fiesty Princess


The Fiesty Princess

Breed: Persian
Age: 3 years old

Many cannot guess what breed Omy belongs to at first sight, more so she looked like a chimera cat (a cat with two faces).

Born as the last of her litter, she is somewhat small. Though she is already an adult cat, her size still remained as a growing kitten. But don’t let this little chilli padi fool you, she has moods and she is one you have to be careful when touching her. And despite being small, she won’t let herself be bullied by others. In her best moods, she is very sweet and her meow is soft and gentle. She doesn’t like being touched on her tummy but she would prefer you to stroke gently on her head.


Mr Popularity


Your Best Buddy

Breed: British Shorthair
Age: 6 - 7 years old

Boomer was an abandoned cat in the streets.When he was found and rescued, he has lots of ear mites and was in bad condition, and even running a flu. We adopted him, groomed and fed him, and today he is the chunky boy you will get to meet.

A very affectionate cat by nature, Boomer loves being pet and stroke gently on his head. And he is very human friendly and loves rubbing against your leg if he likes you. In his best moods, he will looked into your eyes and melt your hearts with his meows. Sometimes he may also follow wherever you go if you are lucky.


The Gentle soul


The Gentle soul

Breed: Domestic
Age: Unknown

Hana first came to Catopia Staycation to be boarded, and she has stayed with us for more than a year. However, her owner cannot be contacted. Since we love her like a daughter, we have kept her safe with us.

Hana was declawed, before she came to Catopia so she is slightly fierce towards most of the other cats around and timid to humans. She tends to be alone and dislike socializing with other cats. She loves people and have a desire to be close to them. Please be gentle to Hana, love her like we do and she will love you back.


The Untouchable


The Untouchable

Breed: Domestic
Age: 3 - 4 years old

Charlee was a rescued cat and she came to be boarded with us since 2016, hopefully to get a chance to be adopted.
At the beginning, she was very afraid of humans and always very defensive towards everyone.

At first sight to many, she resembles the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin because of her black moustache feature thus she was named Charlee. Half a year later, her sponsor decided to cease her stay, and wanted her to be released back on the streets. But we discovered that she has an irregular walking pattern. After a check-up at the vet, there were some defects found on her spine. In that condition, we know that she will have a hard time surviving on her own in the streets. Thus we have decided to adopt her and kept her safe with us. Till today, Charlee has opened up herself more to both cats & humans however she still remain... Untouchable.


The Big Sister


The Big Sister

Breed: Bengal
Age: 4 years old

Wicca came to Catopia when she was only 2.5 months old with blurry markings. And now she has grown into a beautiful leopard coloured queen in the house.

Wicca is a very sweet girl and acts like a big sister to many. She belongs to the Bengal family breed, and Bengals are known to have strong athletic powers. Sometimes, Wicca will make her rounds grooming other cats when she walked pass them.

She loves climbing the stairways, walking on beams and eating her favourite churros. She is friendly but do start with slow and gentle approaches.


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In order to ensure safety and a great experience for our guests and cats, please take note of the following procedures and house rules:

1) All patrons are encouraged to arrive 5-10mins earlier prior to their booking time-slot. Your seat will be given up to others if you do not arrived on time. 

2) All patrons must wear socks before entering the café. Face Mask is optional.

3) If you are entering the premise as a group, we allowed up to 6 paxs only for each entry/booking. All adults must be fully vaccinated. Children who are 12 years & below can be exempted from eligible criteria.  

4) Please click and read through this Waiver Terms & Conditions carefully.



House Rules (Cat Lounge Area)

In consideration of the cats' health, you are strongly encouraged not to smoke or apply any perfume before/during your visit.

For hygiene purposes, please do not allowed the cats to lick your hands/fingers.

Be gentle with the cats. Do not chase them or pull their tails/whiskers/fur. And do not poke or touch their nose.

Do not disturb the cats when they are asleep.

Please refrain from playing distractive sounds/music from electronic devices (iPads/phones etc) as it may affect the cats and disrupt the comfort/enjoyment of other patrons

Do not surround or crowd around a cat. Always make space for the cat to walk, do not block their way.

Do not feed the cats and never leave your food/drinks unattended.

Do not try to pick up or carry the cat. If they come to sit with you, you may pet them gently.

Do not use any toys or your personal items such as strings, keychains etc. to play with the cats.

No running, jumping, stomping, throwing, or yelling in the cat lounge area. Cats are very sensitive to loud noises.

No flash during photo-taking. You may take lots of pictures.

* Note: This is a pet supervised area and we reserve the rights to ask guests to leave if they are deemed uncooperative with our house rules and/or are disruptive.


 Admission Fees (W.E.F 27 Nov 2023)



Per Entry 1 Hour (Weekends/PH/School Holidays): $15 per pax (with a choice of a standard drink).


Per Entry 1.5 Hours (Weekdays - Non peak): $15 per pax (with a choice of a standard drink).


Additional 1 hr on Weekends/PH/School Holidays: $13 per pax with a complimentary drink **


Additional 1 hr on Weekdays: $10 per pax only **


Additional 0.5 hr on Weekdays: $8 per pax only **


We also serve desserts and savoury food. Please check in-store for our full menu.



** Extension of stay is subject to space availability

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of the above by posting updates and/or changes to our website.

 Admission Criteria



Minimum age requirement is 7 years old and above. Please provide ID for proof of age.


Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by adults. There should be an adult per two children. We ask that adults and children are together when they meet and interact with our cats. Please note that guardians are responsible for the actions of their minors and should make sure they follow the rules.

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Special Events

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– From Rochor MRT Station, exit B and take a 3 mins walk to the Cafe.

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Mon: Closed
Tues – Thurs: 10am – 6pm
Fri – Sun: 10am – 8pm

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